GAFFNEY, S.C. (May 28, 2018) – Ross Chastain managed to salvage a 26th place in Saturday’s Alsco 300 at Charlotte Motor Speedway despite mechanical issues.

Chastain advanced to round two in NASCAR Xfinity Series qualifying, and the No. 4 Florida Watermelon Association Chevrolet Camaro started the race in 18th place. Chastain had a great start to race and was running in the top-15 before he reported that the car was down on power around mid-race. Chastain visited the garage where the No. 4 team diagnosed it as a carburetor failure. Chastain went back out on track and finished a hard-fought 26th place.

“It’s a terrible feeling to have a fast car one second and no power the next second,” said Chastain. “I’m so proud of my No. 4 guys for giving me such a great car to start with, and for how they handled the issues in the middle of the race. Although it’s not the finish we were hoping for, we’ll take 26th.”

Next up for the NASCAR Xfinity Series is the Pocono Green 250 at Pocono Raceway on June 2nd, 2018.

About the Florida Watermelon Association

The Florida Watermelon Association (FWA) was formed to enable growers and marketers of the Florida watermelon industry to unite. Organized membership allows the association to promote the consumption of watermelons grown in Florida. The FWA assists its members in the growing and marketing of watermelons by providing a forum through this Corporation’s meetings. The Florida Watermelon Queen scholarship program was established in 1968 to assist the association in promotional efforts. The queen helps boosts sales of Florida grown watermelon by engaging the public at numerous events, from grocery stores to NASCAR races. The Florida Watermelon queen will compete for the National Watermelon Queen title at the National Watermelon Association annual convention. To learn more, visit